wholesales Nicemood R033 Portable Generator Power Station 400Wh

  • Brand: NICEMOOD®
  • Model: R033
  • Length: Length
  • Battery: 400Wh / 300W
  • Output: 110V, 50Hz
  • Color: Color
  • Wire: Wire
  • Weight: Weight
  • Warranty Description: 3 year limited warranty


Portable Generator is the best choose to make your life more Convenient

Car emergency starts, cell phones, tablets, computers, small printers,Various lamps, fish tank heater, photographic equipment, electric balance unicycle charging,Ventilator, massage machine, medical equipment, vehicle-mounted equipment, self-drive travel, outdoor operation, camping picnic,Mountaineering exploration, fire disaster relief, troops and other essential goods

The Power Generator is the great choice for the ones who are Away from a AC Wall Outlet or in trouble of unexpected blackout or power outage, which is for small Appliance (below 300W) Power Needs.

With 400Wh,Built in High Quality Lithium-ion Battery Cell, it is Very Lightweight and Portable, Safe to Use for indoor or outdoor and Easy to Take Along.

Featured with Multi-functions such as Power Small household Appliance(up to 300W), Power your Laptops, LED Buld, Car Jump Start, Fans, Smartphone, etc. It is best choose for you with this a POWER COMPANION for Home Use,travel, Hunting, Camping, Farm, Fishing and other Job Sites.

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