wholesales Nicemood R019 500 W Portable POWER STATION Solar generator

  • Brand: NICEMOOD®
  • Model: R019
  • Length: Length
  • Battery: 500 W / 444 WH
  • Output: 110V AC power inverter
  • Color: Color
  • Wire: Wire
  • Weight: Weight
  • Warranty Description: 3 year limited warranty


The G500 is a portable, artistic and ease of use online (UPS) backup power supply which builds in high-capacity lithium-ion battery. The internal lithium-ion batteries are used advanced manufacturing technology. G500 supplies stronger power, and it provides AC output and DC output two different voltage mode to match with different electric devices.This product can be used as on-line UPS power supply and outdoor emergency backup power supply.Meet the most of mobile electronic products.

The G500 builds in several lithium-ion batteries, which provide continuous power and their total capacity is 12V 26-42ah /288~500Wh. When there is a power failure, it can continuously supply power for ordinary home desktop computer on 3~6 hours . As the same way, it uses as a Indoor and outdoor standby emergency power supply is very competent and has a wide range of uses. It provides 220V/12V/5V AC or DC output, this is suitable for various equipment, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, small printers, various lights, small fish tank heaters, photographic equipments, electric scooters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, outdoor products, military and medical equipments and so on. The G500 abandons the disadvantages of traditional UPS power supply, so it is essential for home travel, outdoor work, camping, picnic, mountain climbing and adventure.

Regarding the oprating Data of G500

Charging time: about 15 hours for AC220V
Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working hours (for reference only) laptop (30W) : power supply can fully charge more than 30 times
LCD desktop computer (100W) : power supply for this about 10 hours
Domestic fan (50W) : about 20 hours
LCD TV (80W) : about 12 hours
Camera (10W) : power supply for this about more than 90 hours

Regarding the reliability and compatibility of G500

Duration time of opration: 12 hours
Average trouble-free time: 12 hours continuous work, discharge and charge. And then repeat it twice
Salt spray experiment for 8h
Safety standards: EMC Directive 2014/30/EC
J55015(H20) FCC Rules and regrulations part 15 subpart B class B
Compatibility Standards: EMC Directive 2014/30/EC
J55015(H20) FCC Rules and regrulations part 15 subpart B class B

Why does the G500 choose the pure sinusoidal AC outputs?

The Differences between pure sinusoidal and modified sinusoidal AC outputs:

The modified sinusoidal wave is relative to the pure sinusoidal wave. At present, the most power supplies only provide modified sinusoidal outputs in current market.The waveform of AC outputs mainly divided into two categories, one is pure sinusoidal AC outputs, the other is square wave AC outputs(i.e:modified sinusoidal wave is the improvement project of square wave). The pure sinusoidal outputs are same or better than the sinusoidal alternating current of power grid we use every day, because it is free of electromagnetic pollution in the grid.

Generally modified sinusoidal inverter builds in non-isolated coupling circuit, while pure sinusoidal inverter builds in isolated coupling circuit design. The cost of isolated coupling circuit design is much higher than the non-isolated one.

Modified sinusoidal AC outputs adopt PWM pulse width modulation to generate modified wave output. During the inverting process, the power loss of the system is greatly reduced due to using special intelligent circuit and high-power field effect tube. And soft boot function is added to ensure the reliability. It can meet the most of electrical equipments, if the requirements of power quanlity are not very strict. But it still has 20% harmonic distortion, when you are operating a precision equipment, this will cause high frequency interference to the communication equipments around you also.

The new battery generator is the best replacement to instead of the traditional household UPS. We are a professional manufacturer (factory) of the new battery generator in China. We can give you a best price to save your cost. You can DIY your customized wholesale portable power station( the new standard of battery generator) First of all, select the type of built-in battery such as 18650 ,polymer Li-ion battery or lithium iron battery, and then select the capacity of built-in battery, such as 200000mah, 100000mah, 50000mah, 42000mah, 20000mah, 10000mah and so on. After that select how many output voltage of AC outlet do you like, 220 Volt or 110 Volt ? and which version of wall charger do you like, Japanese , European, UK, US and so on? It is not just a power bank or portable power which only can charge cell-phone and digital products. It has more cool and unthinkable multi-function, such as supply power or charge the laptop, use for a home backup and run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other essentials with a flip of a switch. It equips with a wireless pad, Max 10W. Harness a special automobile jump start cable, it also can instead of the jump starter. The peak current can reach 1150, 950, 750, 450 A. And it equips with quick charge (quickcharge) rechargeable function which can fully charge itself in 4 hours.
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