Wholesale 1500W Portable Power Station

  • Brand: NICEMOOD®
  • Model: nicemood-1500
  • Length: 400x210x291.344mm
  • Color: green,red
  • Weight: 15KG
  • Warranty Description: 3 year limited warranty


Battery Information

1344WH(22.4V 60Ah)

DC Output

12V-28V 120W Max

USB Output*3

5V 2.4A Three current 5A Max

Cigarette Lighter Output *1

12V 10A 120W Max

harging Time

Electric supply is 120W for about 8 hours

Solar panel 120W for about 14 hours

The 70W car charger lasts about 19 hours

Power +PD 260W super fast charging about 5.5 hours

AC Output*1

220V 50Hz

Rated output 1500W

Peak output 2500W



Working Temperature

-10℃ ~ 40℃

Charging Temperature

0℃ ~ 40℃

Cycle Life







Introduction of NMPPS-1500

The NMPPS-1500 is a Pioneer in the world of generators! Thanks to its advanced battery pack technology, the NMPPS-1500 has definitely reached the High energy density for a product of its kind. This is very important because it means it's nearly impossible to find a product can have the similar battery capacity and ultra safe at a same size. Its powerful and safe battery can provide1,500W of power output, just like a standard wall socket!  And it packs a massive 1344Wh capacity, which means most your devices will stay powered for hours and hours, so you’ll never be stranded without power. 

Energy Storage Power Usage Guide

①LED light


③Cigarette lighter

④Charge input TYPE-C

⑤LED display POWER


⑦LED light ON/OFF


⑨5V USB output



⑫AC output


Lithium-iron Cell Battery for Automobile power level

AC/PD Two-Way Quick Charge.

USB/Car Charge/ Wireless Charge

LED light

1500W Power Station Feature of Product

Wholesale Power Station Suppliers  Extensive Compatibility

Extensive Compatibility

Wholesale Power Station PD 60W Quick Charge

PD 60W Quick Charge

China Wholesale Power Station 162000mAh


Wholesale Power Station Manufacturer  500W output power

500W output power

Wholesale Power Station Suppliers  Lithium-iron Cell Battery

Lithium-iron Cell Battery

Wholesale Power Station AC Output of Sinusoidal Waveform

AC Output of Sinusoidal Waveform

China Wholesale Power Station Multi-ports Output

Multi-ports Output

Wholesale Power Station Manufacturer LED Display of Battery Power

LED Display of Battery Power

Do you still use a portable power station that built in general battery cells?

Wholesale Power Station Suppliers Flammable and Explosive

Flammable and Explosive

Wholesale Power Station Short Lifespan and Small Cycle-index

Short Lifespan and Small Cycle-index

China Wholesale Power Station Low Safe Coefficient

Low Safe Coefficient

1500W Power Station Lithium-Iron Battery

A powerful and ultra safe lithium-iron battery pack is built in our NMPPS-1500 portable power station. Lithium-iron Battery packs are crushed by impact and even punctured without causing serious safety incidents such as fires and explosions. But NMC battery packs contain cobalt, a very active substance. Although it makes the battery more compact and powerful, there is a significant risk of fire or even explosion if it is squeezed by impact. I don't think shrewd people only would want to be compact, more powerful and ignore the importance of safety.

GOTION High-Tech Co.,Ltd.( Stock Code: 002074)

Lithium-Iron Battery Cells made by CTP Technology

They Are More Compact, Bigger Cycle-index And Higher Safe Coefficient than Traditional 18650 Battery Cells.

(And As Same Material As Automotive Power Battery of Tesla and BYD.)

1500W Power Station Quick Charge

AC & PD Two-Way Quick Charge

Our Portable Power Station Can Charge by AC Input Port and Type-C Input Port( PD 60W) at the same time.

This Will Save The Recharge Time Sharply.( It Will Spend About 4 Hours In A Fully Charged)

PD Quick Charge Set Sold Separately

1500W Power Station 60W PD

It Is 4 Times Speed Than General Quick Charge(18W) To Fully Charge a Mac Book.

Extensive Compatibility, It Can Activate The Quick Charge Handshake Protocol In Most of Laptops, Game Machines, Cellphones And Digital Divices In Current Market.

The Quick Charge Handshake Protocol As Follow:

QC 3.0,FCP,AFC,PD Etc.

1500W Power Station MPPT Tech Inside

Improve More Than 15% Charging Efficiency

Built in MPPT Controller( Maximum Power Point Tracking)

According The Intensity of Sunshine, The Controller will Track the Maximum Power Point Automatictally To Improve The Charging Efficiency.

1500W Power Station Smart Power Manager

Wholesale Power Station Suppliers Smart Power Manager

Information Of Operation Status Is Clear At A Glance

Equip With A LED Smart Display

According The Operation Status, It Will Figure Out the Full Recharging Time and Remaining Operation time, And then You Can Always Be In Charge Of The Operation Information of Protable Power Station all the time.

1500W Power Station Pure Sinusoidal Waveform

High Efficiency, Ultra Stable, Zero Harm

The sinusoidal waveform current changes smoothly and is not easy to generate high harmonics, which is beneficial to protect the insulation performance of electrical equipment and reduce the energy loss in the operation of electrical equipment. Years of research experience tells us that voltage stabilization and filtering are the very important role in the overall performance of electrical appliances. Many electrical appliances suffer from voltage instability caused by poor filtering and burn down. In another hand, Non-sinusoidal waveform current may cause additional power losses in electrical appliances (such as motors), may cause harmful high voltages in certain parts of the circuit, and may cause interference with telecommunication lines. Our AC Output Is A Optimal Pure Sinusoidal Waveform Current,And Its Waveform As Same As the Grid. So It Is Ultra Stable And No Harm To Devices in Charging.

1500W Power Station Smart Energy Control

China Wholesale Power Station Smart Energy Control

Built In SEC( Smart Energy Control) System

Via The Sophisticated CPU Control The AC Output As Same As The Grid.

Pure Sinusoidal Waveform AC Output

Wholesale Power Station Manufacturer  Short Circuit Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Wholesale Power Station Overcurrent Protection

Over-current Protection

China Wholesale Power Station Over Discharge Protection

Over Discharge Protection

Wholesale Power Station Manufacturer  Overpressure Protection

Over-pressure Protection

Wholesale Power Station Manufacturer Overload Protection

Overload Protection

1500W Power Station Fireproofing Plastic Material In V0 Level

Housing is made from ABS+PC Fireproofing Plastic Materal In V0 Level

The Fireproofing Materal Grade Are From High To Low As Follow:

V0,V1,V2 and HB.

All Of Our Portable Power Stations Are Made From The Top Notch-V0 Level Materal.

Packing List

After unpacking the case, please check whether the package of power supply contains subscript items. If the standard items are missing, please contact the dealer. (If necessary, please tell the manufacturer or distributor about the accessories before purchase.)


Packing List



Outdoor energy storage power supply


Power charger


On-board charging cable


Product manual and warranty card


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