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Welcome to our website! You will find much unique products and huge business opportunities in our website. Our company is a high-tech new energy enterprise and our purpose is environment friendly, energy conservation and practical innovative design. Sincerely looking forward to your enquiry and follow with a nice mood.

wholesale power station


wholesale Pioneer Portable Solar Generator power station

The NICEMOOD Pioneer series is ultra safe and keep you never off-power. MPPT Tech and super quick recharge Tech let you forget the annoyance of recharging in long time.

wholesale power station


wholesale Pioneer Portable Solar Generator power station Pro

The NICEMOOD wholesale Portable Solar Generator Power station Pro have huge capacity of electrocity supply and super quick recharge Tech let you forget off-grid life.

wholesale Jump Starter


wholesale Automotive Jump Starter

The NICEMOOD Jump Starters are ultra safe and no spark, and they have powerful peak current, so they can boost most of vehicles very easily.

wholesale Jump Starter


wholesale Automorive Jump Starter for Diesel

The NICEMOOD wholesale Jump starters(diesel edition) are special design for diesel vehicles. Super powerful boosting current is high efficiency. Compact size is easy to carry.

wholesale Solar Panel

Stay off the grid with NICEMOOD 120W Solar Panel.


Made up of the efficient monocrystalline silicon cells,  it can recharge Pioneer Portable Solar Generator Power and your electric devices, and keep your equipment running without interruption when connected to our Portable Solar Generator Power.

wholesale Solar Panel

wholesale WATERPROOF & DURABLE 60W Solar Panel.


We apply new tech-MPPT on our Solar panels. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), the full name of MPPT controller, is an upgrade product of the traditional solar panels charge and discharge controller. It compared with the traditional solar panels, the energy efficiency can be improved by 15% on the original basis.

why choose our power station factory

We have the best advanced production technology and equipment, advanced method of quality control and assurance system, strong research and development capability. Relying on long-term accumulated of brand, channels and customers and other advantages, as well as more than 32 marketing networks throughout the country, more than 800 brand agent, we also have a number of production lines and sales system. The advanced IT service system covering the operating system makes it possible to integrate development, production and sales.

Because we use Lithium iron batteries, that is the same as automobile power batteries of TESLA. They are high temperature resistance and in-explosive.Although heat these battery to 800 degree, they still do not explode. Because the built-in protection valve of cell battery will open to vent the electrolyte, that prevent the explosion.

We own exclusive core-tech and execute a series of strict production process. We produced Power Station Products many years ago, so we accumulate many experiences. Up to now, our long-term customers complain and feedback quality problem very little.

We obtained UL, CE, PSE, KC, MSDS, UN38.3, RoSH, CCC, Design Patents and Patent for Invention.

Our wholesale Power Station can use more than 3 Years in general, and the Span Life is 3000 times.

We have a mature logistic team and 1 year Warranty. We can deliver your goods by air, sea, and train. Or list your delivery requirements, we can give you a optimal advice.

We have Portable Solar Generator Power station of NICEMOOD brand in stock. If you want to place a OEM order, the delivery time is about 25 days in general.

Our wholesale portable generators can jump start the engine whose capacity is below 5.0L and the automotive voltage is 12V.

Yes, you can. We have some online OEM clients, and their sale price is very profitable.

It depend on the capacity of Portable Solar Generator Power station and intensity of sunlight, In general it will spend 7 hours. In additional, our Portable Solar Generator Power equip with MPPT Tech, there is 15% increase on the conversion efficiency. So you will spend less time to fully charge by Solar Panel.

We have 162000mAh/ 500W power station and 380000mAh/1200w power station for option at present. More modes are coming soon.

There are 3 ways for charge. By wall charger, By car Port( automotive cigarette lighter socket), By Solar Panel.

In order to show our sincerity, the conditions of the first OEM Order in new clients only have one.It is that the total amount of OEM Order is more than $30000. Under this condition, you can select different products in different quantity as you like.

Which Pioneer Portable Solar Generator Power Station Is Suit For You?

  • Cell Chemistry:Lithium-Iron
  • Peak Capacity:162000mAh,3.2V /518Wh(12.8V,40Ah)
  • Charge Methods:Car Charger/Solar Panel/Household Adapter
  • Full Recharge Time:Max 8 Hours
  • Product Weight:7.5kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxD):287*161*230mm
  • Charging Input :Type-C :5V-20V,Max60W; DC Input:13V-30V,Max 120W.
  • DC Output:Type-C x 1 :5V-20V,Max60W; Car Port DC Output x 1:12V/10A,Max120W; Wireless Charge Pad x 2: 10W
  • USB Output:USB-A(QC3.0) x 3:5V/2.4A
  • AC Output (Pure Sine Wave):220V,50Hz/60Hz,Max500W

Wholesale 1000W Pioneer Portable Solar Generator Power station Pro

  • Cell Chemistry:Lithium-Iron
  • Peak Capacity:387000mAh,3.2V/1030Wh(12.8V,80.5Ah)
  • Charge Methods:Car Charger/Solar Panel/Household Adapter
  • Full Recharge Time:Max 6 Hours
  • Product Weight:14Kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxD):400x210x291.344mm
  • Charging Input :Type-C :5V-20V,Max60W; DC Input:13V-30V,Max 240W.
  • DC Output:Type-C x 1 :5V-20V,Max60W; Car Port DC Output x 1:12V/10A,Max120W;
  • USB Output:USB-A(QC3.0) x 3:5V/2.4A
  • AC Output (Pure Sine Wave):AC Output x 2:AC Outputx1:110V,50Hz/220V,60Hz,Max1000W
  • Cell Chemistry:Lithium-Iron
  • Peak Capacity:420000mAh,3.2V/1344Wh(12.8V,105Ah)
  • Charge Methods:Car Charger/Solar Panel/Household Adapter
  • Full Recharge Time:Max 8 Hours
  • Product Weight:15kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxD):400x210x291.344mm
  • Charging Input :Type-C :5V-20V,Max60W; DC Input:13V-30V,Max 240W.
  • DC Output:Type-C x 1 :5V-20V,Max60W; Car Port DC Output x 1:12V/10A,Max120W;
  • USB Output:USB-A(QC3.0) x 3:5V/2.4A
  • AC Output (Pure Sine Wave):AC Output x 2:110V,50Hz/220V,60Hz,Max1500W

our power station Manufacturer

nicemood is a professional and good OEM/ODM service supploer, providing services for UPS ofbautomotive starters and portable AC power Station. Now it is also good for RC battery field and a great provider integrating research and development, production and sales. With about 60 research and development professionals and 30 production lines, we have ability to meet your rapid delivery need and personalized customization. In China, we are famous for providing services of automobile starter and we sell products abroad, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, the Middle East and other countries. We do all we can do to meet your need with high-quality product lines, nice service, reasonable price and rapid delivery. The portable solar generator AC power station is widely used in the European Union and Japan, with highly praised by customers.
Beginning in 2012, we have cooperated with Peking University, Jilin University andShenzhen Research Institute HIT in R&D, invested a lot of R&D funds, created high-tech, innovative and safe products, and applied for many patents. nicemood is based on strong technology development, leading industry standards. We always believe that only good quality, innovative and safe products can meet the growing needs of every customer!
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wholesales Portable Solar Generator Power

That Guangdong Nice Mood Electronic Technology Co., LTD Is A Professional wholesale power station, power station Manufacturer, power station Supplier, Has Been Dedicating to Research, Development And Production Of The Best Quality, Most Steady, Ultra Safe Outdoor Power Station and Portable Solar Power Generator.

ISO Certificate Of Quality System, Reliability Test Laboratory For Battery Products, R&D Engineers’ Team Of More Than 50 Staffs And 8 Production Lines Of Daily Capacity Reached 2000 Finished Products Are Combined By Guangdong Nice Mood Electronic Technology Co., LTD, A National High-tech Enterprise.

All Of Certifications CE, FCC, CB, PSE, KC, SGS, Un38.3 And MSDS Are Available For Our Internal Cell-battery.

That Guangdong Nice Mood Electronic Technology Co., LTD Is A power station Factory Of OEM For Famous Brands, Source Manufacturer, Quality Wholesaler And Excellent Supplier That Provides High Quality Products Such As Outdoor Power Station, Portable Power Banks, UPS, Solar Panels, Portable Power Station, Silent Generators, Household Backup Power Supply has Been being Developed Promptly By A Powerful R&D And Production Team.

portable Power Station factory video

factory:Testing Laboratory.

The well-equipped laboratory provides reliable data for our R&D and production

factory:Laser welding production.

Exquisite and advanced technology makes high efficiency production.

factory:1500W power station assembly.

standardization management is the guarantee of product quality stability.

factory:battery pack quality inspection.

Battery pack is the key point of product safety.

factory:production department.

Clean and bright production workshop.

factory:production line.

Union is strength.

factory:1500w portable power station quality inspection.

We focus on every detail of our products.

How long is the lead time?
Once the order is confirmed by both sides, it will be proces after we receive the deposit. The normal manufacturing cycle is around 10 to 45 days.
General trade process of our company?
1.You confirm all details of purchase order and place it to us.
2.You double check the Proforma invoice which draw up by the purchase prder , and then confirm finally and sign back the PI. All terms of this deal are fixed.
3.We will arrange this order to our production department timely when we receive your deposit.
4.We will keep you informed in whole production process. And we will notify you to do an inspection immediately when the production is finshed.
5.After passed the inspection and confirmed all details of delivery.And then, You pay the balance and we will delivery the goods at once after we received the payment.
6. After that you are in our after-sales service support system and welcome your reoder next time.